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Serving Individual SEO Agencies Worldwide

We are proud to provide to our customers full transparency and support!

Beginning it’s first SEO project in 2008, First Star Marketing hasn’t stopped innovating.
It now has served over 200 individual SEO agencies worldwide, including a few which are among the largest in the world.
The company has successfully ranked some of the planets toughest terms in organic results, maintaining compliance with the latest whitehat tatics.
We are proud to provide to our customers full control over all aspects of their projects and demonstrate a unique expertise in high consistency, reliability and cost efficiency.

Jonathan Waller
Co-Founder/Owner (Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

A force in the SEO community, Jonathan brings a creative, veteran marketing vision to First Star. As Co-Founder, Jonathan is responsible for innovating strategic link building initiatives and further expanding business relationships. Prior to his role at First Star, Jonathan was a senior marketing manager and consultant for TimingEquity Services. Jonathan took his post secondary studies at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada for Computer Systems Technology (CST).

Marc Randoll
Co-Founder/Owner (Frankfurt, Germany)

An innovator and passionate Entrepreneur, Marc’s creativity and energy produce exceptional vision and methodologies for First Star’s growth. As Co-Founder, Marc leads strategy and product development and execution, bringing in a wide background of experience as marketing and SEO veteran. After his IT Specialist degree in Web Development, Marc founded and led various online game services and brands to success.

Sander Partel
Marketing Manager (Tallinn, Estonia)

Sander Partel joined First Star in 2016. He is vital to all internal operations and the backbone of our Human Resources department. Sander has managed large scale international web-based projects and solutions for some of the worlds largest Internet Marketing companies. In his spare time Sander loves to study world affairs and dabble into online gaming. Prior to that he was the Marketing Manager at TimingEquity Services Ltd from 2014-2016. Sander got a degree in Software and Database Management in Tallinn, subsequently following his interest in Online Marketing right after graduating.

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